Do you get paid for the work you do?
We are not a company or a business – all of our items are supplied from fans who build their own replicas from plans and designs that are freely available in the internet and these people kindly donate their time.  We don’t make profit from these events but we do expect to recovery any costs incurred by delivering the prop to your event. We also ask for a donation to be made to our nominated charities in return for provision of our services.

Who are you?
Our team are volunteers who give up their time away from their families to be at your event.

So, what does it cost?
Our quotes are made up from many aspects, from storage and insurance to expenses for the actual delivery of the prop you hire (van\trailer hire, mileage and fuel) – these are none negotiable, as these costs are out of our hands. The quotes can aslo vary depending on the times and locations (if you are in Rockhampton and our team have travelled from Brisbane, there may be overnight accomodation costs too). The quote may also include charges for Toll Bridges and Tunnels.

Any other hidden costs?
No. At the end of the day, please remember that our team are volunteers, who give up their time away from their families to be at your event. Your event might start at 10am, but they have already collected the hire van\trailer, loaded the van\trailer with the prop and driven to your location (wherever in the Queensland that might be). They then build the prop before your event starts and are on-hand during the event. When the event is over and you have left, they then disassemble the prop, load the van\trailer, drive back to our base in the south of Brisbane, unload the van\trailer to put the props back into storage, return the van\trailer to the hire depot and head home to their loved ones. Your event might only be 6hrs, but our volunteers have worked many more hours to ensure it’s delivered and returned safely.

Sometimes they even get fed and watered..

Can I collect it myself in my Ute \ Van \ Trailer?
No, our insurance does not cover us for self collection or building. Our team will deliver to your location.

What YOU, the customer, needs to know before you book.
The weather is a factor, we prefer to be indoors wherever possible, it may look solid, but it’s not waterproof and it wasn’t designed to be out in the rain – water and electronics do not mix. If your happy to have the Police Box indoors, then you will need clearence of 3.5 meters HEIGHT and a 2 meter square WIDTH for the Police Box – this is not negotiable, if you haven’t measured and our team shows up to find a 2 meter high room, please don’t expect a 3.5 meter box to fit.
It doesn’t, we’ve tried..

What WE need to know before you book.
Upon contacting us, we will need to know the following information: Date and Time of hire.
Location(s) of the event and which prop you wish to hire.

Is it an actual TV used prop?
No, all of these items are “fan made” by volunteers using designs and plans that are freely available on the internet.

Is it bigger on the inside?

Can it travel to other dimensions?

Can it be used as a shed?