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Event Cinema – Garden City

By adminMarch 15th, 2013EventsComments Off on Event Cinema – Garden City

Event Cinemas teamed up with the BBC to show a simultaneous screening around Australia of two Doctor Who episodes – The Impossible Astronaut and The Day of the Moon – as part of this years 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Hire a Tardis were more than happy to help Event Cinemas at Garden City, QLD put on a show for when the Whovians arrived. More than 350 turned up for the screening, with many dressed as their favourite characters from the show

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David Tennant Style Tardis

By adminDecember 4th, 2010Events, sliderComments Off on David Tennant Style Tardis

This Police Box is based on the David Tennant style of Tardis.  She’s much larger than the Tom Baker version and much wider and has the “battered” old look (unlike the shiney new looking Matt Smith Box)

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